Loulé Adapta

The municipality of Loulé considers climate change one of the most important challenges of the 21st century.

The Loulé Adapta brand was created by the municipality of Loulé to highlight and promote the sustainability best practices implemented in its territory and the actions implemented within the scope of Loulé’s Municipal Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (MCCAS), while also constituting a call for a change in behaviors, in a quest for a more sustainable and difference-making lifestyle.



The development of Loulé’s Municipal Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (Loulé MCCAS), started in January 2015 within the scope of the ClimAdapt.Local project, aims to promote, throughout the municipal territory, a coherent response to the multiple problems relating with climate change and put the municipality at the forefront of the national stage with regards to these issues.

Loulé’s MCCAS was approved by the municipality on 6th June 2016.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin

strategic vision and objectives


The development of a conscious, informed and capable municipality in the response to climate change and that incorporates in municipal action and territorial management the factors, threats and opportunities associated with the new climate dynamics.


  • To reduce our vulnerability to extreme weather events and to increase the municipality's adaptive capacity, as well as taking advantage of potential opportunities;
  • Build knowledge about climate change;
  • Create dynamics of engagement of social and economic agents in order to mobilize them for change;
  • Disseminate the developed strategic process.


adaptation options


the local council for climate action of the municipality of Loulé

The Local Council for Monitoring (CLA) Climate Action in the Municipality of Loulé has as its main mission to promote and monitor climate action at a local level. Established in 2017, the CLA should also contribute to the promotion and design of policies and actions with an impact on the adaptation and mitigation to climate change, as well as on the sustainable development of the municipality, in the sense of efficient, participatory and lasting climate governance.

Led by the municipality of Loulé and involving, to date, around 70 entities, the CLA is a flexible and inclusive structure, of a consultative nature and on a voluntary basis, which brings together a set of key actors and institutions representing civil society, committed to the implementation of climate action at the local level. The CLA thus constitutes a comprehensive monitoring and decision support structure throughout the implementation of the Loulé's Municipal Climate Action Plan, enhancing the mobilization of the local community through the commitment of the key actors that comprise it.

The CLA of the municipality of Loulé also includes the dynamization of thematic working groups (GT) (GT1 – Extreme Events: Coordination and Dynamization of Responses; GT2 - Water: Strategic Resource; GT3 - Energy: Efficiency and Decentralized Production and GT4 – Desertification: Strategies to Combat), which has already allowed for various moments of debate and reflection, technical training initiatives and has driven some ongoing pilot projects, with emphasis on the Scholar Energy Community (a project that intends to implement the production of renewable energy for self-consumption in schools and which includes a pedagogical component, involving training actions for the entire school community).

Consult the Composition and Operating Rules of the CLA Climate Action in the Municipality of Loulé (PT) here.


the network of municipalities for local adaptation to climate change


Created in December 2016, following the ClimAdaPT.Local project, adapt.local - Network of Municipalities for Local Adaptation to Climate Change, constitutes a partnership led by municipalities, but which also involves higher education institutions, research centers, non-governmental organizations and companies, in order to boost Local Adaptation to Climate Change in Portugal.

The Network was formalized on March 31, 2017, in the city of Guimarães, at the first meeting, where the Mayor of Loulé, Vítor Aleixo, was elected the President of the Coordinating Council of adapt.local, which is the body that it constitutes the executive structure and its mission is to ensure the external representation of the Network and to define the best strategies to be pursued in order to achieve the mission and objectives.

Aware that the current global warming trends are admittedly worrying and that the impacts and consequences of climate change are already being felt, particularly in local communities, adapt.local aims to affirm the importance of local scale in the development and implementation of solutions and options for adapting to climate change, contributing to the training of Portuguese municipalities in these matters and promoting the incorporation of measures to adapt to climate change in local policies, planning instruments and interventions.

For more information, consult the adapt.local website - Network of Municipalities for Local Adaptation to Climate Change.