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Energy is a decisive sector in the economic and social development of society.



In the context of climate change, and taking into account the goals of the Paris Agreement, it is essential to invest in the decarbonisation of the economy and in the energy transition of cities towards cleaner and more efficient energy sources.

Municipalities, as managing bodies of a considerable number of buildings and equipment, have a fundamental role in promoting energy sustainability. In this context, effective energy planning will allow us to optimize the provision of services and improve the quality of life of citizens, either by reducing energy consumption costs or by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG).


good practises/initiatives

School Energy Community

The School Energy Community project came about as part of the Energy Working Group of the Local Climate Action Monitoring Council of the Municipality of Loulé, and aims to produce renewable energy in schools, mainly for self-consumption, including an educational component.

The School Energy Community pilot project was implemented in August 2019 at the Prof. Sebastião Teixeira School in Salir, with the installation of a photovoltaic production unit, and training activities for the entire school community began in the 2020/2021 school year. The actions carried out enabled the entire school community to be trained and made aware of the importance of issues related to energy and water efficiency and decentralized energy production, which allowed students to carry out a “simplified energy and water audit” at the school, and at the end of the school year the results were presented by the students to the entire school community. During Climate Week 2022, the municipality implemented one of the proposed measures (placing flow reducers on the school taps).

The School Energy Community project is expanding to the remaining schools in the municipality, currently covering 35 schools in the municipality and with an installed capacity of around 934 kWp, enabling production of more than 1,530 MWh per year and avoiding the annual emission of around 390 tonnes of CO2.

The School Energy Community project was recognised with an Honourable Mention in the SDGlocal Award - Good Individual Practice 2022 competition organised by the SDGlocal Platform - Municipal Platform for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Learn more about this project here.

Loulé's Social Development Support Programme

Renewable Energy Production and Increased Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings

SERES Platform (Efficient Solution for Sustainable Energy Resources)

Municipal Swimming Pools in Quarteira

Municipal Swimming Pools in Quarteira

Avenida do Atlântico

Avenida do Atlântico

Passeio das Dunas

Passeio das Dunas

Loulé Municipal Pavilion

Loulé Municipal Pavilion

Traffic Lights with LED technology

Traffic Lights with LED technology

Avenida Papa Francisco

Avenida Papa Francisco

Avenida Papa Francisco - Iluminação LED

Avenida Papa Francisco - Iluminação LED

School Energy Community

School Energy Community


how to contribute

Energy is currently one of the biggest problems in Europe. Spare it!


Buy electrical equipment taking into account its energy efficiency. Prefer class A, A+ or A++ equipment.


Turn off lights whenever a room is empty.


Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy saving or LED.


Turn off electronic devices.


Unplug the mobile phone charger from the socket when your device is charged.


Cook with covered pots to avoid unnecessary heat loss.


Defrost food in advance, thus avoiding using the microwave.


Prefer economical programs for dishwashers and washing machines.



Reduce the refrigerator opening time.


Choose the bi-hourly rate, a period when electricity is cheaper, especially at night.

Invest in renewable energies, biofuels and more energy-efficient vehicles with less polluting engines (hybrid, electric, etc.)