Quarteira Lab

Our Living Lab

The Quarteira Lab project, in line with the Municipal Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, emerged as part of a municipality application for the Living Lab (LVpD) program, launched and co-financed by the Environmental Fund of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action, which translates into an approach to encourage the creation of spaces to promote the development of innovative technologies with low environmental impact, solidification of principles of efficient and productive use of material and energy resources and the appropriation of the economic and environmental gains of new solutions by communities and populations.

LVpD, co-financed by the Environmental Fund, are based on open innovation environments, where public authorities, companies, universities and citizens collaborate in the development, prototyping, validation and testing of new technologies, services and respective applications in a real context. These technologies, in association with the consequent changes in consumption habits and appropriation by the population and local communities, allow for very significant gains in energy and environmental efficiency in buildings, public spaces, urban services and transport.


Avenida Carlos Mota Pinto and Avenida Francisco Sá Carneiro constitute a territory that aims to respond to the issues of urban sustainability in our municipality, characterized by high urban and population pressure and the predominance of the automobile. It is in this context that it is considered important to intervene, in order to create a more sustainable and friendly space for those who live, work and visit it. With this objective, the intervention area of the Living Lab (LVpD) was delimited - the "Quarteira Lab", a space for testing ideas and measures for decarbonization (reduction of greenhouse gases) and improvement of sustainability environmental.

Quarteira Lab is an open innovation space where the ideas and measures to be tested are intended to be the result of collaborative work between the municipality and the community. Starting from the less positive problems and characteristics, the activities will be carried out in the four intervention domains established in the LVpD programme:


In these areas, and with a view to decarbonisation, the mobilization and awareness of the community and the testing of a set of innovative, sustainable and inclusive solutions, to be applied in public space, buildings, public services and transport, are expected to improve the energy and environmental performance at Quarteira Lab and contribute to improving the quality of life of citizens and to change their consumption and mobility habits.

Together, we want to show that it is possible to have more sustainable spaces and behaviors and inspire other cities and communities to do the same.


  • Two charging stations for electric vehicles;
  • Road traffic monitoring system;
  • Meteorological Station and Air Quality Monitoring Station;
  • Intelligent water management system;
  • MUPI with free Wi-Fi;
  • People and bicycles counting system;
  • Waste monitoring system;
  • LoRa antenna;
  • Bicycle parking;
  • Smart bins;
  • Bicycle path.


  • Webinar "Learn more about Renewable Energy Communities";
  • Webinar "Energy Poverty in Portugal: Potential Solutions";
  • Webinar "Learn more about electric mobility";
  • Webinar "Learn how to lower your electricity consumption and save on your bill"
  • Workshop "Flowered Balconies";
  • Workshop "Thinking about the Environment";
  • Quarteira Art Lab;
  • Public Session for the Presentation of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan Quarteira-Vilamoura / Quarteira Lab project;
  • Quarteira Lab - Presenting the project to the Community;